Free Your Endorphins

5*4*3*2*1 Free your endorphins.  I laugh every time my running application on my phone does that little count down.  True to that saying, every time I run, endorphins are unleashed.  That doesn’t mean I want to run every time.  Or that every time I run I enjoy it.  But after that run, I feel so much better. Take today for instance.  Today was my second run of the week for the half-marathon training.  I was not feeling the run.  I pushed through it but could literally feel my body slowing down as time went on.  I did my first mile in 12:09.  But the second mile was in 13:40… so slow.  If  I followed the same pattern as Monday, my third mile would be even slower. However, I remembered something I had read.  I started a run/walk method right after the 2nd mile.  Run for some time then walk for a minute.  Run, walk, run, walk, and finish with a run that should be faster than if I had tried to run the whole way. I believe it worked.  I ran the last mile in 13:41.

I think running can be a great big old metaphor for life.  Sometimes you don’t wanna.  But you push through it because the run is good practice or training for the race in the end. Running as training makes the running you do in the race better.  Same thing in life.  And at the end of the run, the endorphins are all free.  You feel (tired) but so ready to go.  Almost invincible.  And when the next big run comes around, you are ready to go.  Sometimes you learn to take walk breaks on the way so that you don’t tire out at the end.

**Whelp I’m done with my preaching.  Tomorrow I run 3 more miles and then Friday rest, and Saturday 4 miles.  Total of 13 miles this week-almost a whole half marathon.  I do have til November 20th to get ready so no need to freak out now. 🙂


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